Thursday, 31 May 2007

"Straight from the mouth"

Bil: The 2nd most beautiful Chinese woman (Gong Li) in the world is in Hannibal Rising.
Martin: Who's the 1st?
Bil: Lucy Liu!
Martin: Erm...isn't the most beautiful woman supposed to be your wife?
Bil: ....

I don't blame you, Bil. After all, I've seen better myself ;o).

Mud Dwellers

"And now we can also start to find a weekend where you and Martin can visit us in our private mud hole just north of Trekroner station ( bring boots - not the fancy ones... :-) )"

Words from an email sent by my brother-in-law (now known as BIL in this blog) many months ago that we should arrange a date to visit them at their new home. We never got around to attempting to make an arrangement until recently, when my little nephew was born.

We agreed on a Saturday, but they told us the day before that they were too tired/had no time, so we postponed our visit to the following Saturday. The day before the following Saturday, they told us again that they were too tired (I suppose their little baby was not giving them an easy time).

So we asked about another Saturday, but my sister-in-law (who will be known as Yellow Goddess) had friends visiting so no, that was not a good day. What about Monday (a bank holiday in Denmark)? No, not good either since my parents-in-law were paying them a visit, so they won't have enough food for two more people... . Anyway, we finally agreed on 1st of June, though I wasn't counting on it to happen.

Needless to say, by this time, I was feeling that Yellow Goddess doesn't want me to visit her mud hole for some reason or another. True enough, the truth was revealed on Tuesday:

BIL to Martin: If you guys want to come visit us, then Yellow Goddess wants Sheila to call her and ask for an invitation. She is angry because Sheila did not say "Congratulations" to her when she was pregnant.

WTH?!? "Oh Yellow Goddess, please have mercy on your lowly servant! Let me bow to you so you can use me as your footstool. Congratulations on your coming Porky baby prince - you give life, and you take life."

Yeah, right. As Martin said to the above condition: "When hell freezes over!" The mud dwellers can keep their wanabe Golden Invitation to themselves for all I care! I'd rather spend my time and money on better things than going all the way to no man's land to visit mud dwellers who think their mud hole is the most sacred place on earth whereby only Golden Invitations go out to those worthy of stepping foot in. I'll take my fancy boots somewhere else.

Let me tell you a secret though: the REAL reason why I'm not allowed into her mud hole is that she is embarrassed to let me see how small this mud hole of hers really is ;o). But more of that in another post... .

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Welcome to my world!

I guess this is the most cliché way to start my first post on my own personal blog, but I'll do it anyway. Welcome everyone, to my little area on the Internet! I don't quite know how deep I will get into the blogging world, but we'll see where this first post leads to :o).

This blog is mainly going to be the life of a married woman (me); the ups and downs, the good and bad, the in and the out, the left and the right, the beauty and the beast....ok, ok, you get the picture.

For starters, I'm married for almost 3 years to the most wonderful man on earth! I said "wonderful", not "perfect", even though he is perfect for me as in "my perfect fit" ;o). We met in April 2002 where most people seem to meet these days - online!

After writing to each other for 8 months as friends, we finally arranged to meet in person for the first time. 1 month later, we started our relationship, and 2 weeks later, he proposed (on Valentine's Day)! We got married 1½ years later on 21 August 2004, and are still happily married DINKs (Double Income No Kids).

Anyway, I don't want to give too much information all at once otherwise I'll just bore you, so just stick around and you'll get to read more about my life as a married woman in a cross-cultural, inter-racial marriage ;o).