Thursday, 19 February 2009


I'm considering stopping this blog for personal reasons. Have been actually considering it for some time already, but the new year started and I just kept it a bit longer.

It doesn't mean that I'm going to stop writing, though...since I do enjoy it. I'm just going to make it a more private blog for friends and family only, so that people can still follow my thoughts if they're interested. By doing it this way, I can also open up my comment box again and have it more easy for people I know to comment away without going through any moderation steps.

So yeah, that's one out of many reasons that I have not been updating so much lately. The main reasons...well, you can read about when I get around to opening up my new blog and if you're among those who are in the category of "friends and family". For those who are faithful readers but are not known to me in real life, thank you for your readership thus far.

This blog will however, remain open even if not updated anymore. Once the new blog is ready, I'll put the link up here and on Facebook, and those who want to keep reading can email/message me for a password.

If nobody is interested, I'll still keep writing...and writing...and writing...because the concept of having a diary still exists, whether it's in a physical book, or a virtual one.

Stay tuned!

Friday, 13 February 2009

To hell and back on Friday the 13th.

I thought I would never step into a piercing studio again, not after my last experience there. However, approximately 6 months later, I'm back at it again! On Friday the 13th, to be exact. Have I become addicted to piercing? Like, those people who start out with one, and end up with a hundred... .

Well, not quite. Thing is, the 1st belly button piercing I had didn't turn out good in the end. Nothing was infected at all, so that was a relief for me. However, I was not happy about it because it turned out to be shorter than the standard length! The piercing was only 8mm long, while the standard was 11mm!

Did it matter? Yes, it did! Especially after I had spent X amount of money on loads of new belly button jewellery, and was eager to try them on, only to discover that they were too long for me. Believe me, it's quite a huge difference... .

New jewellery above and the one that was used for my piercing below.

So yeah...with 32 pieces of new jewellery already bought (online - cheap, cheap) that I couldn't use because my hole length was too short, I decided to do a re-piercing, even if I had to walk through hell and back again like the last time. Oh, and of course spend money on it again.

Just annoying that it wasn't done right the first time though. I mean sure, I was the one who chose the piece of 8mm jewellery while at the studio, but how was I to know that they come in different lengths, and that the standard was 11mm?!? the piercer could have at least told me about that....but no... . Looking back, I should not have done it with someone who didn't have any piercings on himself anyway. He had tattoos, but no piercings, so though he might be a good tattoo artist, he was definitely not a good piercer.

Anyway, here are pics from the 2nd time around. I was pierced by Muffe, the boss...and he is really quite a walking advertisement for his profession... .

Cleaning up with antiseptic.

Marking the spot for where the hole should be.

Making sure it's aligned properly.

Preparation - both him and me.

It was still quite nerve-wreaking even though I had done it before. I guess for me, it was also because of what had happened after the piercing that 1st time.

Done! It was surprising less painful this time! I'll go as far as to say barely any pain at all. No throbbing feeling like last time either, and I didn't feel faint in the least bit.

10/10 for Muffe! And yes, he does have those devil horns thingies in this forehead, if you wanna click on this pic for a closer look. His tongue is also slit into two like a snake... .

Standing up nice and steady after the piercing. Ok, I did have a bottle of coke with me as insurance in case I felt faint and needed to increase my sugar level, and I did lay still for about 5 mins after the piercing too.

Now you can really see the difference of the old and the new... .

The old again.

For those thinking of piercing, I don't recommend Tatto Liz for it. Go to Body Extremes instead, as I am now very satisfied with my re-piercing. Of course, it means that I'll have to take care of it again for the next 6 months, and that I can't change it to any of my new pieces either until then...but at least I'm more happy about it now :o).

So...what's next ;o)? No, this will really be the last piercing...I think ;o).

And isn't it funny that just after publishing this post, the visitor number to my blog looks like this:

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ambiguity screaming to be defined.

Seems that Bil was still raving on to Martin at work day on day about how the wife in my fictional story so closely resembled his Yellow Goddess ( does not always need to go online to hear things from the grapevine). When Martin came home from work on Tuesday, he asked: "Hey, you might be happy to know who's still reading your blog!" "Who? Yellow Goddess :o)?" I asked.

I guess it's nice to know that she can't get enough of me... . I don't blame her though, because I do somehow seem to have that mesmerising effect on her, which can only be a good thing, right :o)?

Anyway, after hearing the good news that she's still my number 1 fan reader (sorry that I keep calling her my "fan". It's just that "fan" is from the word "fanatic", and "fanatic means "marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion", so it's really easy for me to keep accidentally using this term), I penned out this post.

The next day, Bil was still raving on and on to Martin about my post at their work place (was it really such a good post?). "There were no names mentioned in the post," said Martin. "Yeah, but EVERYONE can guess who the characters are!" said Bil.

Why, oh why do they keep thinking that they are famous celebraties on planet Earth? So far, up till this point at least, only they themselves saw any resemblance to themselves, plus maybe a couple of others who could take a wild guess but still not really know.

But ok, since they made such a big "Everybody on planet Earth is going to know it's Yellow Goddess and me" fuss "because we're so bloody famous", I've added this to that post:

Fiction disclaimer
(because such a story as above is of course too absurd to happen in real life):

The characters featured in this Post are completely fictional. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. No similarity to any person either living or dead should be inferred.

So take note, my dear readers: even if you most likely didn't make any connections of the couple in the said post to Yellow Goddess or Bil to begin with, please know that they DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT refer to either of them. However, if you now want to think that it was really them, then that's your prerogative and I can't stop you.

Speaking of which (and coincidentally enough), I had an sms from dear Alice yesterday (while I was having dinner with Shi Hua and 2 other former colleagues) as follows:

"(con't) you but no answer. Have a good night. Hugs"

Which...hmm....proves my point that the characters in that post were very ambiguous to the majority of my faithful readers?

Anyway, if any of you want to claim the "honour" of being the said persons in that fictional post, please send me a short description of why you think they are you. Better still, if you can provide some proof (photos, airline tickets, shopping receipts, eye witness accounts that you really ditched your husband at dinner time to shop or hang out with your male friend privately in your hotel room while your husband sat alone and upset that you were not there with him instead...etc). Serious applications only, please!

As for beefsoup69/inthefaceofearth/inthemistofdk/Spanky, oh, let's just quit the BS and call my pet troll by her real pseudonym, "Yellow Goddess", shall we? I mean, it's not easy for me to keep track of all her mulitple split online personalities as it is, so let's just K.I.S.S.

Anyway, as I was saying, knowing now that Yellow Goddess was really my personal pet troll all this while who comes to my blog almost every day...sometimes even a couple of times a day, I guess I should feel very touched and honoured by her obession :o).

However, I'm a little concerned though :o(. Knowing now that she spends all day watching out for new posts from me, itching her fingers to comment (but can't anymore), probably hoping that I read her blog; the one that I couldn't care less about (yeah, I admit - I hate vomit and tend not to return to it - I'm no tding tding dong dong doggy fool), making extra effort to create split online personalities, and *gasp* even PRETENDING online to be me sometimes (obvious symptom of obession...but again, I don't blame her because the closest she can come to be me is to be me online, no matter how hard she tries), I just wonder...who is taking care of her little bao bei? One thing is to be obssessed about me and my blog, another thing is to be obssessed about me and my blog while neglecting little bao bei. I'm honoured, but as little bao bei's aunt, I'm also rather concerned :-/.

Oh well...whatever makes her happy, I guess. Friends, foes, fans, trolls - all are welcome here :o).

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Snoop dog keeps coming back for more.

It is quite amazing how, even though no names were mentioned (real or otherwise), one of my very faithful fans reader wanted to somehow identify herself with the character in this post. I could be refering to anyone, or I could be refering to no one in particular, or it could just be one of my very vivid imaginations for storytelling, yet this fan reader seemed to feel that she relates so directly to it.

I was merely sharing an absurd story, as I would any other absurd stories under the sun. Nothing personal, unless you make it so. In which case, it won't be my problem to deal with. I'll keep writing what I want to write about, and if you think that what I write is like vomit to you, then hey - stop being like a dog who keeps returning to this vomit unless deep down inside you actually do like what I write about (and I don't blame you) but are just too afraid to admit it.

So yeah...I don't know...go play 'fetch the Gucci bag' or something if that upsets you less. I'll leave you now with a very wise quote from an old schoolmate:

"Splurging on experiences makes you an interesting person with stories to tell; splurging on things makes you bland, with only...well, things to show off."

Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy 牛 Year!!!

To all my Chinese friends, 新年快乐!

This year will be the year of the cow/ox (牛/niu) - the 2nd animal in the Chinese calendar. If you were born in 1973 and 1985, then you're an ox.

Legend has it that the ox was actually supposed to be the 1st animal who responded to Buddha's call. However, the rat had asked it for a ride, and when they approached Buddha, the rat jumped off the back of the ox and hence, became the 1st animal to reach Buddha's feet.

It is also said that the rat had lied to the cat about the actual calling day, and that is why the cat didn't make it in time to Buddha to have a year named after it. Because of this, up till today, the cat is always chasing the rat. This rat seems to be a very mischievious animal, huh ;o)?

Anyway, here are some superstitions that one must NOT do on the 1st day of the new year:

  • Avoid housework (I had cleaned the apartment a couple of days ago after too long).
    It is believed that you will "sweep the good luck away" if you do housework on the 1st day.

  • Avoid washing hair
    Same reason as avoiding housework.

  • No splashing of water out the house
    Water symbolises money, so you don't want to throw "money" out the house.

  • No handling of sharp objects
    They represent conflicts or not a good start of a new year.

  • No nail clipping or hair cutting
    As hairs and nails are inherited from parents and the cutting of hair or nail during the first few days may shorten the parents life or cause ill-health.

  • No anger or sour faces
    Be happy to ensure good fortune throughout the rest of the year. If you're a child/teenager, I guess you can get away with a lot of things on this day because your parents should not get angry at you ;o).

  • No negative words
    Arguments must be avoided at all costs. Also words related to death and sickness.

  • Avoid breaking anything
    Otherwise bad luck ahead will be inevitable.

  • Avoid wearing black and/or white clothes
    These colours are associated with death. Red on the other hand, is most welcome as it represents luck.

These are just some of the superstitions surrounding Chinese New Year. There are also the superstitions about what food to eat on the eve of Chinese New Year when the family gathers together for the reunion dinner. Things like, prawns for happiness because prawns in Cantonese (I think) is pronounced "ha", so it sounds like laughter, eggs because they are round so good luck all year round. Noodles for longevity (and hence, they should not be cut). Fish, because the word for fish, "Yu," sounds like the words both for wish and abundance.

And of course, tangerines and oranges are passed out freely during Chinese New Year (in pairs) as the words for tangerine and orange sound like luck and wealth, respectively. The Chinese are very particular about giving things out in pairs as they represent togetherness, and "double" (eg. double happiness).

Married people also give out money in red packets with gold letterings to single people (usually to children/teenagers only, but some do give it also to single adults). It is believed that the more money you give out, the more you will usher in during the year despite how generous it appears to be, there is a selfish intention. But traditions are traditions... .

Red packets

Anyway, there are so many other traditions during this festive period, and it also varies from region to region. The above are just some of the more commonly practiced beliefs.

I think what I'll be missing the most about not being able to celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore is all the new year food goodies :o(. If any of my Singapore friends reading my blog is reading this, please be merciful and send me some pineapple tarts, ok ;o)?

Sunday, 25 January 2009

"Straight from the mouth"

I hope Allegra realised at some point that we were kidding about Copenhagen and Sweden... .

Friday, 16 January 2009

Being an organ donor

Have you guys ever considered being an organ donor? Those who aren't one yet, that is. To be honest, although I wasn't totally against it, I had never wanted to be one myself. Martin on the other hand, was all for it, and it was almost as if it was his dream to be one... .

A few days ago, we received new social security cards from the commune because our previous doctor had passed away, so we needed a new doctor assigned to us. For those who do not live in Denmark, our doctor's name is shown on our social security cards, that's why a new one has to be sent when we change doctors.

Anyway, together with our new cards, there was also an organ donor card in the envelope. I didn't see it, but a couple of days later, I saw that Martin had filled it out for himself, giving permission to be cut up and have his organs taken away and re-used.

"You wanna be cut up and all that when you die?!?!" I asked him.
"Yeah, why not? I don't care when I'm dead anyway," he said
"But, but..."

Yeah, "But what" Sheila??? It's one thing to be cut up while still alive, and another to be cut up when dead, right? So why not??? If it means saving someone else's life? If we can't do this while still alive, at least do it when we're dead. So what was stopping ME?

Many irrational reasons, really.

Ethics? But there's nothing unethical about this.
Respect for my body when I'm dead? Why would I care about respect when I'm dead?
Going to heaven in 1 piece? But we'll get brand new bodies in heaven anyway, so why would I want the old, imperfect organs with me?
Leaving earth the way we came on it? Erhm...because why?

There are absolutely NO LOGICAL REASONS *not* to be an organ donor!!! None. Nada.

Martin then asked me this:

In case of emergencies, Would it be fair then to say that EVERY adult who are NOT registered donors either 1) doesn't get entitled to any organs themselves, or 2) gets put way down on the priority list?

My quick answer was of course "Yes, that's fair!" Like...DUH! Stupid question! And then right after answering it, my brain gave me the image of ME on that operating table and me NEEDING an organ to survive. If I'm not a donor myself, why SHOULD I be given one? It'll be very egoistic to expect an organ from someone else when I don't want to give my own away, no?

So yeah...that kinda nailed it hard for me. All my illogical reasons just vanished into thin air in a split second. Of course, the government has not come up with such a condition (yet?), but...I don't know...I guess when I face that life or death situation, I will FEEL better in receiving an organ knowing that I'll also give mine away in death. I will feel more human when the time comes for me to help other humans in such a way when I can.

After all, physically when we die, if we don't get cremated, we'll for sure be buried and DECOMPOSED anyway. But if my healthy organs can be used to SAVE someone else, then in some physical way, not only will they continue to live, but I will also still live on... . My heart will still be beating away... . That's kinda surreal, isn't it?

Anyway, it's a very personal decision... . Well, not 100% personal, since you can also let your next of kin decide for you to some extent when you die...but personal while you're still alive.

Some people say "YES!" without any hesitation whatsoever, most are in the middle saying "I don't know yet," and I believe only a few are those who say "NO WAY!" without any hesitation. I think it's good to at least be in the middle, rather than on the extreme "no" end. Shows you still have a heart to give to mankind...when you finally decide to do so. If in the end, you decide not to, just the fact that you had at least considered wouldn't make you totally heartless.

But yeah, when you're ready to make that step, then you'll have a peace in your heart when you fill out the form... . I registered online a couple of days ago, and will get a letter confirming my decision within 3 weeks. I'm just glad I won't be alive to feel anything when the time comes to cut me up. Easier to commit to it in this way, as I doubt I'll volunteer to donate a bone marrow or a kidney to strangers while I'm still alive... .

For those of you who are still considering, take your time to think. When you feel the peace in your heart upon reaching your decision, whether it's a yes or a no, that would be the right answer for YOU. It is after all, your body to do with as you please.

And to those in Denmark, if you want to register to be an organ donor, you can do so on the Sundhed website. Trust me - it takes less than 1 minute to do it! You can also change your mind later on too, so it's not binding...unless you die before you change your mind, of course.

If you already have a donor card in your wallet, I would recommend to register online anyway because even though the signed card in your wallet is valid enough, what if you were robbed of your wallet with your card in it, and stabbed to death? No record then of your wish to be an organ donor.

As an end note, I may be wrong, but I think that it should be WAY easier for people who are already parents to make the decision to be organ donors. I mean, they are the ones who should be able to understand the giving of life better than anyone else since they MADE life, and they are the ones who should know what giving and sacrifice is really about. Right?

Btw, try to watch Seven Pounds starring Will Smith in some relation to this topic.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Not a very Posh model in Versace.

Looking at the photos below:

1) These models REALLY need to put some meat to their bones... . (click pic!)
2) Notice the funky shoes??? Not my style, but nevertheless, they're different.
3) The "dress" is by Versace. I don't get why branded clothes cost so much when they design garbs like that. Even if I were as rich as say...Victoria Beckham/Posh Spice, I will *not* waste my money on this crap of a dress.

Oops... . But ok, it at least looks a little better on Posh Spice than it does on that sickly looking model.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Can't eat, must shop.

Okay...let's say your husband's company throws a belated New Year's party in London, whereby staff are invited as well as partners of staff. They'll pay the air ticket, dinner, drinks and hotel stay for staff, and will do the same for partners except the air ticket.

Now, knowing that your husband's company is being the host, and knowing full well that they're paying for your dinner as part of the programme of the evening, what would a normal person do?

1. Be there for the dinner by your husband's side or
2. Decide to go shopping instead and skip the whole dinner event, while having your husband show up alone (even though you are on an extended weekend trip with the possibility to shop on another day).

I am willing to place my bet that a normal person will do option 1.

However, as I've found out today, there are...sadly enough, people who are materialistic enough to actually do option 2! Seriously...not only does it show what kind of a person you are, it also causes your husband to "lose face" in front of his bosses and colleagues when they see that the wife gives no respect to the company as the host.

Anyway...I guess this just shows me that being 30 and a mother does not necessarily make you a matured adult who can get obvious priorities right. One can only hope that during an emergency event when one has to decide whether ones son or ones Gucci bag should be saved, the human being will be the one chosen.

Fiction disclaimer
(because such a story as above is of course too absurd to happen in real life):

The characters featured in this Post are completely fictional. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. No similarity to any person either living or dead should be inferred.

Flugten (The Escape)

People in Denmark - please go and watch the new Danish movie "Flugten" that premieres today!!! Not only does it have a really good storyline, but my dear friend, Wagma, has some parts in it too!!! If I remember correctly, she plays the wife of the leading Afghanistan young man.

More information and trailer: here!

I can't wait to watch it myself...and put all my Danish understanding to the test :o). Well, there are some parts in the movie that have English dialogues too, so that's good.

Go watch!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Restaurant Bali

There was a shootout at Restaurant Bali on Monday (the 5th) at around 19:00hrs at Kongens Nytorv. It was reported that 2 Asian men were injured, one of which was the owner. The gunman himself was Asian. We already had the news turned on at this time, so the incident was "breaking news" when it happened.

However, it was only yesterday that I found out that the 2 injured Asian men were Singaporeans! A friend from Singapore wrote on my Facebook wall with this link, asking if I heard about it. It apparently made it to the news in Singapore...of course. Pretty far out, huh?

There has been rumours that there are illegal activities going on in the restaurant, so let's see if the police manages to find out if this shootout was mob-related. Not sure if you guys in Denmark remember that incident with the Chinese boy who was kidnapped by some Asian dudes some time ago here in Copenhagen? Seems like the Asian community here is becoming rather dramatic...and with cases like these, it is not a good thing.

I mean, the Asian community has always been the most well-behaved lot of foreigners living in Denmark, but that image is slowly being tarnished with crimes like these. So far though, the victims have been just Asians (unlike those other immigrant crimes that involve Danish victims), but still, a crime is a crime, and especially as residents/guests in a foreign country, one should all the more behave.

Anyway...let's see what the police investigations reveal in relation to this case.

On a side note, I had eaten at Restaurant Bali with a couple of girlfriends several years ago, and the food + service there were rather bad. Now that I know the owner is from Singapore, I wonder if they were the same owners as Restaurant Singapore...which doesn't exist anymore, I think. Food and service there was rather bad too, and my former company used to have a contract with them but we only send very low budget groups there for meals.

Thing is, the (Sporean) wife of the owner of Restaurant Singapore is rather - how can I say it politely - female doggy-like...if you know what I mean. She always has this angry look on her face. She arrived at our office once, looking as if she was ready to have a showdown with our manager or something.

I mention her now because after all these years since eating at Restaurant Bali that first (and last) time, I've come to realise that she was most likely the one serving us that day! No wonder she seemed familiar then. And she didn't leave a good impression on us that day because even though the restaurant was pretty empty, it seemed like she wanted us to quickly eat our meal and leave. My 2 friends who were there first said they felt this already from the start when they arrived.

This attitude is so typically Chinese, I think. Had that same "service" once at a Chinese restaurant in London. Which of us like having a hawk watch over us when we eat? And though they won't tell you directly to leave already, all it takes is the hint from their body language to scream this out in a thousand words.

Anyway...I don't recommend going there for dinner...that's all I'm saying. Quite life threatening to do so now too, on top of the bad service and not very delicious food.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Entering 2009

This post is slightly overdue, and I have yet to put pictures up on Facebook. We had a fantastic New Year's Eve party hosted by my friend, Bahati, at her apartment close by our place. There were around 30 people in all, and we had good food and free flow of drinks for 200kr (S$50) each.

It was the first time in 2 years that we ushered in the new year in a big party way. The last 2 NY eves were of a more cosy/family nature in Tune (Roskilde), so it was nice to have a change this time. We didn't go home until 6am...but like I said before, the party was close to home so it didn't take more than 15mins before we were in our domain again.

Well, there's not much more I can tell, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

I normally edit red eyes in photos away, but I think Martin's red eyes in this pic fit his scary look.

A close up of Mr Punk. I did the makeup...but the idea of wanting makeup done in the first place was his, not mine.

I went for the more subtle makeup ;o).

Mmm....lots of delicious homemade food.

All gone in no time.

A South African dish called "Babooti" or something like that.

Just finishing my 1st round.

Anders going for his 10th round ;o).

Couple shot #01

Dancing time!

Everybody dance now!

Shake it, shake it, shake it!

Couple shot #02

The host!

What to drink...decisions, decisions.

More groovy time.

In Denmark, it is legal to shoot off your own fireworks. You can see one going off to the left of this picture. Personally, I don't like wasting money on these rockets, so I just let others buy the stuff and enjoy it at their expense ;o). It's not like I dare to shoot one off on my own either anyway. Therefore, no money wasted, no body parts wasted.


Martin searching for food... ;o). Or not.

More dancing.

Putting on a show.

Group shot of the last party animals.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year, everyone!!! Hope you all had a wonderful entry into the year 2009. I'm not big about making new year resolutions, but I have decided to make some fun ones as below:

1. Be #1 on the DK mahjong rating list.
2. Speak Danish better than the Queen of Denmark.
3. Find out who the Internet God is and ask for a SUPER FAST connection before I pull out all my hair in frustration.
4. Win the lottery.
5. Don't celebrate my birthday anymore so that I remain at my 2008's age.
6. Eat more desserts without putting on weight... .
7. Be nicer to Internet trolls.
8. Run after the bus less.
9. Find Nemo...and have delicious sushi as celebration.
10. Forgive myself if I don't manage to do #7.