Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Snoop dog keeps coming back for more.

It is quite amazing how, even though no names were mentioned (real or otherwise), one of my very faithful fans reader wanted to somehow identify herself with the character in this post. I could be refering to anyone, or I could be refering to no one in particular, or it could just be one of my very vivid imaginations for storytelling, yet this fan reader seemed to feel that she relates so directly to it.

I was merely sharing an absurd story, as I would any other absurd stories under the sun. Nothing personal, unless you make it so. In which case, it won't be my problem to deal with. I'll keep writing what I want to write about, and if you think that what I write is like vomit to you, then hey - stop being like a dog who keeps returning to this vomit unless deep down inside you actually do like what I write about (and I don't blame you) but are just too afraid to admit it.

So yeah...I don't know...go play 'fetch the Gucci bag' or something if that upsets you less. I'll leave you now with a very wise quote from an old schoolmate:

"Splurging on experiences makes you an interesting person with stories to tell; splurging on things makes you bland, with only...well, things to show off."