Friday, 9 January 2009

Can't eat, must shop.

Okay...let's say your husband's company throws a belated New Year's party in London, whereby staff are invited as well as partners of staff. They'll pay the air ticket, dinner, drinks and hotel stay for staff, and will do the same for partners except the air ticket.

Now, knowing that your husband's company is being the host, and knowing full well that they're paying for your dinner as part of the programme of the evening, what would a normal person do?

1. Be there for the dinner by your husband's side or
2. Decide to go shopping instead and skip the whole dinner event, while having your husband show up alone (even though you are on an extended weekend trip with the possibility to shop on another day).

I am willing to place my bet that a normal person will do option 1.

However, as I've found out today, there are...sadly enough, people who are materialistic enough to actually do option 2! Seriously...not only does it show what kind of a person you are, it also causes your husband to "lose face" in front of his bosses and colleagues when they see that the wife gives no respect to the company as the host.

Anyway...I guess this just shows me that being 30 and a mother does not necessarily make you a matured adult who can get obvious priorities right. One can only hope that during an emergency event when one has to decide whether ones son or ones Gucci bag should be saved, the human being will be the one chosen.

Fiction disclaimer
(because such a story as above is of course too absurd to happen in real life):

The characters featured in this Post are completely fictional. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. No similarity to any person either living or dead should be inferred.