Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ambiguity screaming to be defined.

Seems that Bil was still raving on to Martin at work day on day about how the wife in my fictional story so closely resembled his Yellow Goddess ( does not always need to go online to hear things from the grapevine). When Martin came home from work on Tuesday, he asked: "Hey, you might be happy to know who's still reading your blog!" "Who? Yellow Goddess :o)?" I asked.

I guess it's nice to know that she can't get enough of me... . I don't blame her though, because I do somehow seem to have that mesmerising effect on her, which can only be a good thing, right :o)?

Anyway, after hearing the good news that she's still my number 1 fan reader (sorry that I keep calling her my "fan". It's just that "fan" is from the word "fanatic", and "fanatic means "marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion", so it's really easy for me to keep accidentally using this term), I penned out this post.

The next day, Bil was still raving on and on to Martin about my post at their work place (was it really such a good post?). "There were no names mentioned in the post," said Martin. "Yeah, but EVERYONE can guess who the characters are!" said Bil.

Why, oh why do they keep thinking that they are famous celebraties on planet Earth? So far, up till this point at least, only they themselves saw any resemblance to themselves, plus maybe a couple of others who could take a wild guess but still not really know.

But ok, since they made such a big "Everybody on planet Earth is going to know it's Yellow Goddess and me" fuss "because we're so bloody famous", I've added this to that post:

Fiction disclaimer
(because such a story as above is of course too absurd to happen in real life):

The characters featured in this Post are completely fictional. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. No similarity to any person either living or dead should be inferred.

So take note, my dear readers: even if you most likely didn't make any connections of the couple in the said post to Yellow Goddess or Bil to begin with, please know that they DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT refer to either of them. However, if you now want to think that it was really them, then that's your prerogative and I can't stop you.

Speaking of which (and coincidentally enough), I had an sms from dear Alice yesterday (while I was having dinner with Shi Hua and 2 other former colleagues) as follows:

"(con't) you but no answer. Have a good night. Hugs"

Which...hmm....proves my point that the characters in that post were very ambiguous to the majority of my faithful readers?

Anyway, if any of you want to claim the "honour" of being the said persons in that fictional post, please send me a short description of why you think they are you. Better still, if you can provide some proof (photos, airline tickets, shopping receipts, eye witness accounts that you really ditched your husband at dinner time to shop or hang out with your male friend privately in your hotel room while your husband sat alone and upset that you were not there with him instead...etc). Serious applications only, please!

As for beefsoup69/inthefaceofearth/inthemistofdk/Spanky, oh, let's just quit the BS and call my pet troll by her real pseudonym, "Yellow Goddess", shall we? I mean, it's not easy for me to keep track of all her mulitple split online personalities as it is, so let's just K.I.S.S.

Anyway, as I was saying, knowing now that Yellow Goddess was really my personal pet troll all this while who comes to my blog almost every day...sometimes even a couple of times a day, I guess I should feel very touched and honoured by her obession :o).

However, I'm a little concerned though :o(. Knowing now that she spends all day watching out for new posts from me, itching her fingers to comment (but can't anymore), probably hoping that I read her blog; the one that I couldn't care less about (yeah, I admit - I hate vomit and tend not to return to it - I'm no tding tding dong dong doggy fool), making extra effort to create split online personalities, and *gasp* even PRETENDING online to be me sometimes (obvious symptom of obession...but again, I don't blame her because the closest she can come to be me is to be me online, no matter how hard she tries), I just wonder...who is taking care of her little bao bei? One thing is to be obssessed about me and my blog, another thing is to be obssessed about me and my blog while neglecting little bao bei. I'm honoured, but as little bao bei's aunt, I'm also rather concerned :-/.

Oh well...whatever makes her happy, I guess. Friends, foes, fans, trolls - all are welcome here :o).