Sunday, 29 July 2007


Did you know that the word "kayak" can be spelt backwards too ;o)?

Martin and I went kayaking yesterday at Roskilde Fjord with some friends. It was one of the summer time activities being organised to learn more about Denmark's culture and history, and kakaying is quite a popular sport here.

We had 3 hours of both kayaking and a ride on the banana boat, and then a quick grill later before the rain came. Actually, I didn't dare take the ride on the banana boat because I was afraid of falling into the super cold water. You'll see what I mean on the Youtube clip later.

Anyway, less talk, more photos!

Just arrived at Roskilde Fjord

Martin was the first to start kayaking

Me in my "sexy" wetsuit and my yellow kayak

Ok, this one had been photoshopped. I don't have one of me in the water, so I took a picture of me on land, and then added it onto the water background... .

Martin and Junior

Claus, Junior and Martin on the banana boat

All 3 falling off and climbing back on

Martin in front this time

Others from our group

Typical Danish cold summer

Grill master, Junior

Can't talk, eating

Martin (left) going on his 10th round ;o)

More eating

No paper plates for me since they kept flying off in the wind

And here comes the Youtube video of the banana boat experience... .

Saturday, 28 July 2007

So tired...

I was out Friday evening after work with Sandra and Caryn for dinner and didn't get home till almost midnight. However, Martin and I went to bed only around 01:30hrs and had to get up at 08:30hrs to go kayaking at Roskilde Fjord.

It was really fun, but now I am so tired that I just can't sit and write about it :o(. Need sleep... zzzzzzzz... oops! Sorry! Kinda fell asleep there. I don't think even chopsticks can keep my eyelids open :o(.

Anyway, I am going to bed now, but I'll write more tomorrow and put some pictures up too! Stay tuned!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Getting hit on...AGAIN!

What is it with guys hitting on old, married women in the bus ;o)?!?!? As if someone's playing a trick on me, I got hit on AGAIN in the bus on the way home! By a different guy, though, and Martin was not with me this time.

Anyway, the guy thought I was 16 ;o). That makes me YOUNGER than you, Claudia ;oP!!! Oh well, I'm soon turning 20 anyway, so it wasn't like he was too far off ;o).

He asked me for my number, so I gave it to him.... . Yeah, right ;o). Martin didn't get my number that easily (I had given him hints so that he could figure it out himself), so no strange guy is going to get my number just by asking. If he's really persistant, I'll give him Martin's number ;o). But I mean, he still wanted to be "friends" even though I told him that I was married!

Some guys don't quite get it. I think Martin would soon make me wear a burka whenever I step out of our home... .

"I'm HOT!"

"There...much better. Told you I was hot."

Monday, 23 July 2007

Getting hit on... .

Ok, so I was on the bus home from work today, and as usual, I sms'ed Martin to tell him that I was at city hall so that he can time himself to be on the same bus which passes by his office. I am usually able to save a seat for him together with me, but unfortunately, a guy sat next to me before I got to Martin's bus-stop and there were no more free seats for 2 people that we could use.

It didn't matter anyway, since it was just 10 mins before we got off, so he just took the seat next to my seat:

Around 3 stops before we should get off, this guy started chatting me up! Well, it started with him asking me about where a particular stop was since he wasn't entirely sure (or if it was just a pick up line or something), then we ended up talking a bit more, like that he was going to visit a friend, and then he invited me to join him to his friend's place for a cup of tea!

I declined politely, of course. I guess the funny thing was just the fact that a guy was hitting on me while my husband was next to him... ;o). He didn't know that Martin was my husband, though, and I didn't bother telling him since we reached our stop anyway.

Speaking of this, I was on my way to work last Thursday and walking towards the bus-stop when a van with 3 young Danish guys turned at the junction to the street I was on. They actually stopped beside me to shout out "HI!!! WOW, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!" which was kinda embarrassing because it also caused the car behind them to stop and wait for them to drive on before it could complete its turn... .

This was the yellow dress I had on that day

Oh well, as long as I don't get a fine for stopping traffic... ;o). Good that Martin is not a controlling, jealous, freak ;o).

Sunday, 22 July 2007


If you read my profile, you can see that I am a Singaporean girl who is now living in Denmark. I have been here for 10 years now, since I was in my late teens. The reason why I came here 10 years ago was because I was abducted by aliens who wanted to use me for some tests, but then they realised that my Chinese and Indian genes were too resistant, so they decided to dump me in what they thought was the North Pole. They almost succeeded, but missed the target by just a bit... .

Ok,'re not buying that story, are you (unless you are a scientologist or something)? The boring truth is that my ex-stepfather was Danish, so after living in Singapore for many years (where he met my mum), it became time to "move back" to Denmark, so our whole family naturally went together with him.

It was of course a very big move from the country I was born and raised in for 19 years to the land far far away. I was just starting my 3rd and final year in my Tourism Manangement course at Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore, but since there was also a Tourism School in Denmark offering a 2½ year Tourism Management course in English (½ year theory in England, ½ year work practice, ½ year theory in Randers, Denmark, ½ year work practice again, and last ½ year in Randers again), plus we get 2 diplomas if we graduated (1 from England, 1 from Denmark), I thought "Cool...I'm going!"

Packing up and leaving Singapore was difficult, but exciting at the same time. I was sad to leave my friends and the place I called "home", yet I had always wanted to try living in a western country since I was young. I had been to Denmark for vacation twice before - winter 1990 for 3 weeks, and summer 1992 for 1 month (the year and month when Denmark won the European Cup they should thank me for being there....hahaha), so I had tried the cold and warm of this country before moving here for good. I still can't get used to the cold here, though :o(.

Good thing my immediate family were coming too; that really helped a lot. We left Singapore in July 2006, but first had to go to South Korea (Mokpo City) where my ex-stepfather had started working at, and stayed there for 2 months. Then we headed to Copenhagen altogether in September, and 2 weeks later, I was off to England (Torquay) on my own to start school there. I was a little afraid of that move, since it would be the 1st time I lived in another country for ½ a year without my family.

It was a good experience in the end, though. I shared a basement apartment with 2 of my Danish classmates for a period of time, then towards the end we decided to move to some other units on higher ground (the basement was too damp) so I got a small one for myself and they shared another unit in the main block. The estate was close to our school, plus we had access to a pool, jacuzzi and sauna the whole time we stayed there! Very nice... ;o).

Anyway, I only moved permanently back to Denmark in April 1997 where I started my ½ year work practice at the travel agency I currently work at now. It wasn't easy at all to find a practice place in Denmark since I didn't understand Danish at all. Yes, it seemed that even in the international tourism industry, Danish is fundemental.

After 1 month and a hundred applications of rejections later, I almost had to go back to Singapore to do my work practice in order to continue my course... . Good thing a miracle happened in time, so I was able to stay here to do my practice, and also to return to this company as a full-time permenant staff after I graduated :o). I would be on my 10th year next year in the same company, so time is really flying!

I received my permanent residency already a few years ago (without needing to marry a Dane for it), but I am still keeping my Singapore citizenship. I'm proud of being a Singaporean, so I will not give it up for a Danish one. I would definitely do so if I were a citizen from China, Thailand, the Philippines or some underdeveloped country, especially since it is not easy to travel around with those passports anyway (and I do like to travel).

Now I am married to a great Dane (pun intended), so I'm pretty much "stuck" here. Well actually, HE wouldn't mind moving to Singapore to live, but I prefer it here in Denmark ;o). Working life and family/social life is way more balanced here than in Singapore, and that's something I appreciate a lot.

Anyway, I was actually going to write about else, but that'll make this post extremely long so I'll just end here and save the initial topic for some other time ;o).

Friday, 20 July 2007

Chubby nephy

Our nephew (who is almost 3 months old) at Martin's and Bil's office today... .

I told Martin that since he and Bil are twins, that means he can see how his son would look like if he had married Yellow Goddess. He seemed relieved not to be in Bil's place, for more than 1 reason.

Oh well...he thinks all human babies are bugly (butt ugly) anyway (especially when compared to some baby animals). I just think some babies are ugly (not all), whether they are mixed or not. Most grow out of it, others don't, so time will tell. One should of course never tell the parents that their baby is ugly, no matter how much you think it ;o).

Yet on the other hand, there are many cute, pretty and handsome babies out there (like Thomas), so I guess it's just a matter of opinion.

In the end, the bottom line is how well you raise your child. Will you help them to become beautiful people from the inside no matter how they look on the outside, or will you cause them to become spoilt, rude, disrespectful, ugly human beings even if they seem beautiful on the outside? Again, time will tell... .

Handsome baby Thomas!

As promised, here is a picture of Cristina's 2 month old baby boy, Thomas:

Isn't he just the most good-looking / handsome baby boy you have ever seen? So much hair, lovely blue eyes, and such a charming smile! It seems that Thomas got his blue eyes from Cristina's mother, since Cristina and Dino both have brown eyes... . He is definitely going to make many girls' hearts skip a beat in the future ;o).

Anyway, while on this topic, a reader on my blog made the below comment on the "Visitors from Venus" post:

Well, Dina (if that's your real name, since I don't know anyone called "Dina"), I posted a question on Yahoo! Answers about this, and here are the replies:

So yeah, there you have it - nothing wrong with calling a baby boy "handsome" (and never say "never")... ;o).

I thought this Yahoo! answer from Shannon was quite funny though:

Funny reminds me of this:

Active week

Had been quite socially active this week. Cristina came by to our place on Monday with Dino and baby Thomas, so we had a really good time catching up on things. She grew up in Triste, Italy, all her life, but had lived in Denmark for around 4 years, and I knew her through work.

We used to hang out a lot, together with 2 of our gal pals. She's ½ Danish (mother) and ½ Italian (father), and speaks both languages fluently. Unfortunately, she had decided to move back to Italy so I only get to see her once every year in July, when she makes her annual vacation trip to Copenhagen. I have yet to go to visit her in Triste, though, and I would really like to do that soon (will probably combine it with Venice, since they are quite close to each other).

Anyway, we had a great together dinner out on our balcony. Martin and I are really using our new balcony table to the max ;o).

Then Tuesday, it was out to meet Sandra, Per and Sean. It was so wonderful to see them again, even though we already last saw them in March this year, when we went to Singapore for our vacation (and had stayed with them pretty much the whole time). Anyway, we sent to Nyhavn for dinner in the warm summer evening, then over to their apartment for a nice warm cup of tea.

On Thursday, we went to Martin's aunt Lise's place (the aunt who had turned 60 this year). Martin's cousin, Dennis, had given her an iPod shuffle for her birthday gift, but she didn't really know what to do with it, so she offered to make us dinner while Dennis helped her to add music to her new gadget, and Martin helped a bit with her computer. I just helped to eat the food ;o).

She's such a cool aunt. I mean, someone her age walking around with an iPod shuffle has just GOT to be a cool aunt ;o). She told me that one of her all time favourite Danish singers is this guy called Lars Lilholt (all my Danish readers should know him), so I can just imagine her groovin' it while listening to his songs on her iPod shuffle. Oh, and btw, she drives a bus for a living, so don't mess with a woman who is strong enough to drive a big vehicle in the city area!

But yeah, it's been a busy week, and weekend is BBQ time with Sandra and gang at Caryn's place :o). I just hope the weather stays super good as it has been all week this week... .

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Smooth summer smoothies

We just bought a smoothies machine, and boy are we whacking up a storm with it! I know this is going to sound a little strange, but after a couple of years of living in Denmark, I've become allergic to some fruits! It started around the time when I began to get allergic to pollen during spring time in Denmark, and since pollen and fruits are related, then being allergic to 1 would mean being allergic to the other.

I never thought it was possible to be allergic to healthy things, though, so I found out that it WAS actually an "allergy" only a couple of years ago, when my ex-colleague told me that she couldn't eat some fruits. After describing the symptoms she had (which started after she gave birth), I told her "Hey! It sounds like I have fruit allergy like you too!"

So no, I am not alone in this (thank goodness!). At first, I thought it was just my body playing tricks on me when I ate certain fruits, but ever since I found out that it's really an allergy and that others have it too, I've started to accept it. I mean, to accept it in the sense that if someone offers me certain fruits, I'll kindly turn them down and tell them that I'm allergic to the fruit instead of forcing myself to eat the fruit and hoping that "maybe this time I can!"

A few months after knowing what my "thing with fruits" is called, my sister, Claudia, told me that she got uncomfortable after eating apples. "Aha, Claudia! You have fruit allergy too, like me!" Now, not only am I not the only one in the world to be allergic to certain fruits, but I'm also not the only one in my family to be allergic to certain fruits! Woohoo!

But yeah...I've tried various fruits, and have my list of "good fruits" and "bad fruits". Watermelon, honeydew, apples, pears, grapes and cherries are examples of my "bad fruits" when they are raw (no problem if I eat them cooked or processed). I can eat a small number or just 1 slice of these fruits, and then that's it.

Pineapple, oranges, mango, papaya, kiwi, banana, strawberries, etc...are on my list of "good fruits". Oh, and DURIAN too, thank goodness (although I'm sure Martin wishes that it is on my "bad list" since he can't stand the smell and taste of it). There are many other fruits I haven't tested yet, but I'll definitely have to do so in caution with a small sample first, whenever I come across "new" fruits.

The good thing though, is that fruit allergy WILL NOT KILL ME!!! So for those of you who are toying with the idea of feeding me with fruits on my "bad list" to get rid of me, just give that idea up. Allergy to NUTS can be deadly, but allergy to fruits only gives an uncomfortable feeling in the mouth, throat, gums and lips for a short period of time (½hr or so) after eating them.

Hmm...come to think of it, I am allergic to some nuts. More like the "human nut-case" type of nuts, though. Nut-cases like Yellow Goddess, for example. VERY allergic to less contact the better.

Anyway, now with our new smoothie machine, I'm able to eat more fruits in a "safe" processed way! Drinking juice is getting kinda boring (orange juice, apple juice, mixed fruit juice, orange juice again....*yawn* boring), so now we can just buy more interesting fruits and blend them up with milk, yogurt, ice-cream, coconut milk, etc, etc... . FUN!!! And healthy.

See what we made last night!

Kiwi Adventure

With lime juice, kiwis, sugar, milk and vanilla ice-cream! Mmm.... . Ok, I know the "ice-cream" part doesn't sound so healthy, but the kiwis balance it out ;o)! Just like doctors recommend - a "balanced meal". *Hee* *Hee*

Anyway...summer time is smoothies time, so we're just going to play with our new machine for as long as we can ;o).

Oh, and btw, here's more info about fruit allergy for those of you who think you suffer from it too (or if you just feel like increasing your general knowledge):

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Alfresco dining

After 3 years living in our apartment, Martin and I FINALLY bought a table for our balcony! We had moved in here in July 2004, but was rather busy preparing for our wedding and all, so the balcony was low on our priority list. Besides, by the time our wedding at the end of August was over, so was summer.

The following summer, we pulled ourselves together to paint the dirty yellow balcony to a nice clean "sand white" colour. It wasn't exactly the best year to paint an open balcony, though, since it was raining frequently. Nevertheless, that task was done, but before we knew it, summer was over once again, so no more attention was given to the most neglected "room" of our apartment.

Last summer, we bought a stone bench (low maintenance, especially in a cold country like Denmark). A place to sit at last! Not that we used it much, though. I mean, what use is a bench without a table? So why didn't we buy a table with the bench? Well, there was a stone table for sale too, but it was far too small. All the other tables on sale were not what we wanted, since we had our minds set on a low maintenance stone one.

This summer, we finally found a suitable table. It's not a stone table, but it looks nice (see picture), is weather-proof, and selling at a reasonable price. It's not something sold at the usual furniture stores, so it was good that a retail shop close to our home was selling this range.

So yeah, we picked up the table yesterday, and have been using it to the max today! First, we had our breakfast outdoors in the sun with the birds singing their songs, and then we had our dinner outdoors too in the warm summer evening; alfresco-style ;o).

*Sigh*'s just so wonderful to do this at last, in the peacefulness of our own home, right in Copenhagen itself; a romantic evening with the man I love :o). The simple pleasures of life.

We still have a few more things we'd like to do with our balcony, though. For example, getting another stone bench, and doing some "landscaping". Let's see if we manage to do all this before summer 2007 is gone.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Visitors from Venus

Yay! I have a couple of good friends visiting Copenhagen this month, and they have arrived already.

Cristina paid me a surprise visit at my office yesterday, together with her partner, Dino, and their baby son Thomas who is just 2 months old (or young, in his case). He is SO handsome, that boy! So much dark brown hair, a little tanned, and blue eyes! He's going to be a real heartbreaker, so watch out, girls! Cristina is ½ Danish ½ Italian, and Dino is 100% Italian, so that makes Thomas 1/4 Danish and 3/4 Italian. Nice cookie ;o).

It was a short visit at my office, so we plan to met up again before Wednesday. I will make sure to take photos to post for you guys to see :o).

Then I have another good friend, Sandra, who just arrived in Copenhagen this morning. I've known Sandra for around 10 years now through work. She's not working in the same company as me anymore, but we still remain as good friends; 1 of my best friends, in fact. I should tell Sandra's story in a separate post, since it's very deserving of a post on its own.

Sandra is now living in Singapore with her husband, Per and her son, Sean, but only for 2 years. Per has been transfered there by his company on a project, so they'll be back in Denmark more permanently soon :o). Right now, they're on vacation here for 3 weeks, so I hope to see Sandra as much as possible while she's here... .

Anyway, welcome "back" to Copenhagen you 2!!! I hope the weather gets nice and warm during your stay here :o).

Thursday, 12 July 2007


Do any of you computer nerds (or non-computer nerds) out there know what GIGO stands for without googling it?'s not the short form for "gigolo", and no, it has nothing to do with "Google" either.

Well, I won't tell you right away what it means (if you don't know, that is), but here's a bit of the conversation Martin and I had during dinner earlier:

Sheila (refering to someone): So, he arrived first but he's leaving first.
Martin: Yeah, like FIFO in computer language, which means "First-In-First-Out".
Sheila: Well yeah, except in his case, it would be more like GIGO.
Martin (with a blank stare): Er...ok?
Sheila: Yeah, GIGO... . You DO know what that stands for, right?
Martin: No....I don't. Should I?
Sheila: Hey! I thought YOU'RE the computer nerd, so how come you don't know what GIGO means?!? It stands for "Garbage-In-Garbage-Out"! I thought it was one of the first things you'd learn in basic computing?
Martin: No, never heard of that. So you're saying that if you google "GIGO", it will come up with "Garbage-In-Garbage-Out"?
Sheila: Yes! You wanna bet? Just name your price and I'll name mine. cut a long conversation short, my "price" was that he doesn't play his computer game for the whole coming weekend. He wasn't confident enough to take me up on that, even though I told him that he can name ANY price from me (including "don't blog for a whole month" if he wins ;o)), but no, my price was too high for him. So I said "Ok, how about if I win, then I get to blog about this?"

I guess you guys know the result of that bet then, since you're sitting at your computer reading about this ;o).

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The perfect guy

It's wonderful to see men pampering their women....

Martin making pancakes and Brett (my sister, Claudia's, boyfriend) doing the dishes

Now, Martin goes to the gym to work out 2 or 3 times a week, so we tend to have a lot of dirty laundry to wash during the week. That's ok though, as long as it means that he gets to be like this:

"Straight from the mouth"

Ivy (colleague): Do you know why it's not good to get married on 06.06.06?
Sheila: No, why? Is it because it's Satan's number 666?
Ivy: No, it's because you'll get zero sex. there anyone out there who can verify this ;o)???

Sunday, 8 July 2007

My cheating husband

What do I do when Martin cheats on me?

Touching Kylie Minogue's butt

Touching Britney's boob

Well, let's just say that I got a friend who doesn't like it when I'm angry... .

Oh, and Cindy, this one is for you ;o)... .

Baby buddha

Martin received a picture of our lovely niece, *oops* I mean nephew, from Bil a couple of days ago (the boobs are confusing me)... . He is definitely diety, I mean deity material as expected, thanks to his maternal lines... .

And here's a little something extra for the 2 cuties:

UPDATE! (14 August 2007)
Ok...before people start thinking that the above comparision is insulting to the parents, let me assure you that they actually meant the picture of their son to look like happy Buddha... . It's on their mobile blog itself, and the picture was uploaded complete with heading and all on a date before I made this post. The only thing I did was to make the comparison easier to visualise on my post.

They spelt "Buddha" wrong...but you can see that they mean "Buddha".... .

Saturday, 7 July 2007


This will be a BIG party day for many people, especially weddings. It's a nice and easy date to remember (especially for the guys), plus it's on a Saturday! In Christianity, it is God's perfect number of completion, and in Chinese, it symoblises "togetherness". Now how about that - a perfect number for getting married on, no? Perfect togetherness...and it's even tripled up today.

There is actually an even BIGGER "nice-and-easy-to-remember-number" date coming up in about a year's time, especially for the Chinese, and that is:


And guess what? It falls on a Friday, so it has high potential to be a big party date too! For the Chinese, the number 8 sounds like the words "fortune", "wealth" and "prosper" in eg. Mandarin and Cantonese. Also, if you put "88" together, you get "shuang xi" (囍 — literally "double joy" or "double happiness"), which is a popular decorative design of the character 喜 (xi, 'joy', 'happiness') written twice.

So 08.08.08 will be your wealth and prosperity tripled, and 0喜.0喜.0喜 will be your happiness tripled ;o). And it seems that the summer Olympics in Beijing is going to start on 8/8/08 at 8:08:08 p.m.

But there's a more important significance of this wonderful date... . Ah yes, you see, on this date some XX years ago, a girl named "Sheila" was born :o). That's right, 8.8 (囍) is my birthday :o)! I kinda missed throwing a big party on 8.8.88 since I was still just a child on that date, but 08.08.08 is going to make up for it ;o).

Well, I might be throwing a big party this year too, but that's only mainly because I will be entering the 3rd decade ;o).

Mud campers

The Roskilde music festival started last Thursday, and will end tomorrow. It is one of the biggest annual music festivals in the Nordics, and people who are into this kind of thing usually set up tents to sleep overnight on site so that they can watch the various local and international bands that perform there (mainly rock bands/artistes). Björk and Red Hot Chili Peppers will be performing this year; I have no idea who the rest are... .

Since it had been raining very heavily last Thursday, and a bit yesterday, the whole festival area including the camping site is covered with MUD! I'm talking about disgusting, eeky, squishy brown mud! You must be a really hardcore music fan to not mind living in mud tents during the festival!

I don't consider myself a camping type of girl, even when the sun is shining brightly outside. Maybe 1 day is ok, but I'll miss the civilisation pretty fast. Therefore it's really difficult for me to grasp how people can manage to camp in rain and mud for even 1 day. Check it out:

Would YOU mind living in such muddy conditions if it means getting to watch your favourite bands (plus having a beer and drugs party while at it)??? It's not even free - ticket costs 1,475 DKK this year (S$460, €200)! But yeah, I know a couple of people who are really hardcore enough to do this every year without fail. If I were one of those musicians performing, I'd be really proud to have fans like them... .

Roskilde seems to be a really muddy place to live in indeed. I would definitely not want to take my fancy boots there... .


Martin wanted me to blog about his pancakes, so I told him to go make his own blog ;o). No, just kidding...of course I'll blog about his pancakes, since he makes very good ones :o).

So here is what my hubby pampers me with:


He had learnt to make these pancakes when he was around 7 or 8 years old, so it is definitely something he is experienced and good at; all thanks to his mum and Donald Duck... .

Donald Duck's cooking book

He tells me though, that whenever he makes them for me, he adds an extra ingredient: love. Does anybody know how many calories this "love ingredient" has??? I think he's been adding a LOT of love, because since I got married to him, I have put on some extra kilos... .

I have the power!

I don't know if you guys remember He-Man and the masters of the universe? Well, whenever he draws out his sword and changes from Adam to He-Man (good thing it's not "She-Man"), he has this little speech thingy:

"By the power of Grayskull, I HAVE THE POWER!!!"

Well, in my blogsphere, I have a saying too:

"By the power of my Internet connection, I HAVE THE POWER!!!"

So yeah, all comments are welcome (freedom of speech), but not all will be published (freedom of not reading crap speeches). If you leave nasty comments and choose to remain anonymous, don't expect me to publish them or even take them seriously. In my blogsphere, I'm in control - MUUAHAHAHA.

Therefore, to the one I am refering to, you know who you are....and the best part is, I know who you are ;oP. Funny thing is, that nasty comment went directly into my gmail's Spam box... . Very fitting indeed (and no, I didn't control that part). it me, or does He-Man have a frustrated-looking Yellow goddess-like being in his background??? Maybe it's just me... .

Friday, 6 July 2007

Axe the Ex!

Ok, that title sounds quite violent, but I just like how it rhymes ;o). How many of you out there are still in contact with your ex-girlfriend(s) or ex-boyfriend(s) or ex-lover(s)? I'm talking about people whom you've shared an initmate relationship with but whom you do not share any kids with?

Hmm...maybe that question was not exactly what I wanted to ask. Ok, let me try again: how many of you out there are 100% ok about it if your partner is still in contact with his/her ex? I'm asking both males and females, since it is relevant for both genders.

I think it is save to say that there are 3 kinds of people; those who are 100% ok about it, those who are 100% not ok about it, and those who are ok about it to some extent. I'm the type who is ok about it to some (small) extent... . It depends on who, where, when, why and how often.

Martin's ex-girlfriend (XGF) happens to be one of Yellow Goddess' friends. Their relationship didn't work out (obviously, since I'm the one who's now married to him) after about 1-1½ years. Their relationship ended many donkey years ago, and they are not in contact with each other anymore.

There was a time, when a huge combined 30th birthday party for Martin and Bil was being planned. It was to be held at the party room at our estate, and needless to say, XGF was amongst the guests on Bil's list.

Now, to make things a little more complicated, Martin's ex-lover (XL) is also one of Yellow Goddess' friends (yes, he was a very naughty rabbit indeed). Needless to say, XL (this abbreviation is actually a good one for her since she is kinda chubby) was also amongst the guests on Bil's list.

Call me whatever you want, but having my hubby's XGF and XL at his 30th birthday party in our party room was SO not okay with me. In fact, I didn't even understand why they had to be on the list, since they were Yellow Goddess' friends and we were not at all throwing a party for her.

IF, however, Bil and co. were throwing their own party in their own home and have XGF and XL as their guests, then I'm not going to make a big deal about it since I won't be in any position to say anything except to accept or reject their Golden invitation to us (if we should be so lucky to get one, that is).

So yeah, that's pretty much what I mean when I say that "I'm the type who is ok about it to some (small) extent... . It depends on who, where, when, why and how often."

Actually, to be fair, after meeting XGF briefly the 2nd time, she does seem to be a very pleasant and polite person. I'm just not sure how her friendship with Yellow Goddess works then, since she had told Martin before when they were together that she thought Yellow Goddess was rather spoilt. I mean, if even your best friend can think that about you, then something is really wrong... .

I can't really say anything nice about XL, though. She had been smittened with Martin for some time in the past, and had even sent him a partially naked side profile picture of herself to him by email while he was my fiancé!!! It wasn't even done innocently, since she knew that he was engaged with someone. Talk about a desperate woman. Loose women like her, I have absolutely no respect for. Especially since she and XGF are so-called "friends" too (of course, if XGF didn't mind that her friend XL tried to seduce her boyfriend after they broke up, then it's all good and dandy).

Anyway, Bil apparently thinks that it is very strange that "Sheila doesn't allow Martin to see his ex-girlfriend." Well, Bil, would Yellow Goddess allow you to see and party with yours?

Bil's first Asian (Korean) girlfriend

Good thing she's now living in Dubai, otherwise she'll be on our party guest list too ;o).

UPDATE! (13 July 2007)
It turns out that a colleague of mine knows who Bil's ex-girlfriend is! What a small, small, world indeed. Seems that she is back in Denmark now, and her dad lives just 5 mins away from Bil and Yellow Goddess. Very cosy... .

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Don't innovate, imitate

It's raining mad (not men) today! Non-stop from the time I left home for work, till the time I arrived home again. The wind is quite strong too, so I can imagine a lot of broken umbrellas today... . I should invest in umbrella and raincoat stocks ;o). I had told my sister, Claudia, yesterday that since she left for America 2 days ago for her vacation, it had been warm and sunny, so I guess I'll have to take back my words now... . "COME HOME, CLAUDIA!!! DENMARK MISSES YOU ALREADY!!!"

Or maybe there is another reason why it's raining so badly... . It turns out that heaven does have Internet connections afterall, and Yellow Goddess had (finally) chanced upon my blog! I have not heard the thunder or seen the lightning yet, but there is no doubt turbulence in the skies. Hmm...I wonder if I'll be getting a new faithful reader out of her ;o).

It seems that after reading my lovely blog, she got inspired and asked Bil how to create a blog of her own. Trust me, creating a blog is really not rocket science - I'm sure even the 2 year old kid who got accepted into Mensa can create a blog with 1 eye shut... . What you write in your blog however (and how you deliver it), now that's another story.

Anyway, I'm flattered that she wants to "copycat" me by entering blogsphere too. Don't innovate, imitate ;o). Oh well, the more the merrier, and it's not like I have any interest or intention of reading what comes out of her head, even if she makes me the star of her blog (as I guess she would do)... .

Freedom of speech is wonderful thing, just as long as we can retain our freedom of not reading or listening to crap speeches ;o).

Bloody mail

I was preparing to send some documents via courier at work today to Russia, and this was what I saw written when closing the "envelope":

I therefore wonder now if they have had people actually sending BLOOD via courier... . I mean, was there some sicko psychopath who killed his victim and then sent his/her blood to his/her family by courier? Or did doctors send blood packages to their doctor colleagues at some other hospitals for an extremely urgent blood transfusion operation? Or perhaps Count Dracula had been ordering blood supplies via courier to his castle in Transylvania? Help me out here - what kind of people will actually send blood via courier, or via regular mail for that matter?!?


Monday, 2 July 2007

"Pretty in purple"

Erm...I'm a little confused here... . Bil had put up this picture online (click the link to see as I don't want to steal his picture) with the title "Purple" and description "Pretty in purple" as below:

So what am I confused about? Well...the thing is, I thought Martin and I got a nephew, but it seems like we got a niece instead? I mean, sure - purple is for boys too and babies don't especially care what the colour of their clothes are, but "pretty"? When you say "pretty", I associate it with a female, as what most would do.

"Pretty girl" would give me a positive image in my mind...

"Handsome boy" would also give me a positive image in my mind...

But "pretty boy"....well, that gives me this:

Anyway, if it's a nephew we have, then I don't hope he's going to be metrosexualised... . At least not so early in his life. I mean, give him the chance to be a real boy first so that he can see what he prefers to be finally later on in life, can?