Thursday, 19 February 2009


I'm considering stopping this blog for personal reasons. Have been actually considering it for some time already, but the new year started and I just kept it a bit longer.

It doesn't mean that I'm going to stop writing, though...since I do enjoy it. I'm just going to make it a more private blog for friends and family only, so that people can still follow my thoughts if they're interested. By doing it this way, I can also open up my comment box again and have it more easy for people I know to comment away without going through any moderation steps.

So yeah, that's one out of many reasons that I have not been updating so much lately. The main reasons...well, you can read about when I get around to opening up my new blog and if you're among those who are in the category of "friends and family". For those who are faithful readers but are not known to me in real life, thank you for your readership thus far.

This blog will however, remain open even if not updated anymore. Once the new blog is ready, I'll put the link up here and on Facebook, and those who want to keep reading can email/message me for a password.

If nobody is interested, I'll still keep writing...and writing...and writing...because the concept of having a diary still exists, whether it's in a physical book, or a virtual one.

Stay tuned!